Finques Joan

Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer, 1-3
17200 Palafrugell
Telephone 972 300 911
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Finques Joan is specialised in property management. The company’s origin and experience date back to 1976 when Mr. Marti Joan Guisset obtained his diploma as a Property Manager.

Several years of working in European countries helped Mr. Marti Joan to consolidate his entrepreneurship. He has long-time experience in managing companies in the tourist industry, where he proved to be outstanding thanks to the tailored attention he provided and the high goals he set for himself.

He started his own business in the early 80’s. Thanks to his innovative mentality, he pioneered the use of new technologies applied to property management. This large step forward, together with absolute dedication and hard work allowed him to consolidate his place in the sector.

On February 11th 2005, his daughter Carme Joan created Finques Marti Joan SL, laying the cornerstone for a new phase. Finques Joan, without ceasing to be a family-run business with a caring staff, bridged the generational change and has gone through a stage of constant growth in the last 2 years.

Today, we can boast of nearly 30 years experience in the field, plus a young and dynamic team headed by Carme Joan Barragán, who is a qualified lawyer, property manager and real estate agent, together with Mr. Joan González Vallespí, a qualified surveyor.

Administrador de Finques Carme Joan Barragán
Col·legiada 687
Advocat Carme Joan Barragán
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