Finques Joan

Moss├Ęn Cinto Verdaguer, 1-3
17200 Palafrugell
Telephone 972 300 911
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Finques Joan is well known for its wide experience and specialisation when it comes to property management. We apply the following criteria when managing properties:

Correct Community accounts organised in expense groups: General, blocks, carparks, gardens, etc.

Individual bank account for each community.

Formal notification of the General Assemblies.

Presence at the Assemblies and preparation of the Agenda indicating the decisions taken at the assembly, maintain the community accounts up to date, provide detailed budgets classified by expense groups, information regarding the quotas and due dates.

Manage collection from proprietors and payment of bills.

Handle all breakdowns, call the technicians and check the bills received for any repairs.

Address any damages through the insurance company.

Handle all payments to personnel hired by the community.

Claim any outstanding payments.

Take care of all maintenance and/or improvement works performed in the building/property, always with supervision by persons appointed by the community; hire the services of a qualified technician when the situation so requires

Administrador de Finques
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